All the Ritual Bodies comprising the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, including those traditionally frequented in the Italian Jurisdiction, are:

  • the Lodge of Perfection of Secret Masters, which works in the 4° Degree,
  • the Lodge of Perfection of Elected Knights, which works in the 9° Degree,
  • the Sovereign Chapter of Rosicrucian Principles, which works in the 18° Degree,
  • the Sublime Areopagus, which works in the 30° Degree.

When it is not possible to establish a Lodge of Perfection in a Valley or an Orient, the Supreme Council may authorise a Chapter Chamber, which brings together all Scottish Rite Brothers of the 4° and 18° Degrees and works usually in the 4° Degree.

Each Ritual Body or Chapter Chamber, and Section of the Upper National Bodies, is directed by a President, who is appointed by the competent Regional Inspectorate, assisted by Dignitaries with specific duties.