Rito Scozzese
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Rimini Speech
Speech by the Grand Secretary – Grand Chancellor at the Grand Lodge 2009

Illustrious Grand Master, I have not brought gifts, as I feel that my presence here today represents the A.A.S.R's true gift.
Worshipful Grand Master. All of my dear Brothers, when I say all, I also mean all of you who do not belong to the Scottish Rite.I think this demonstrates that us Scots are not prejudiced against others.
My dear Brethren, those who have travelled from many different locations to be here in Rimini on this special occasion.  Good morning and on behalf of this beautiful city, I welcome you here today.  Worshipful Grand Master, having made my introductions, I think it's now time to focus on the matters in hand.
The A.A.S.R wishes the Grand Orient of Italy all the best and future prosperity for Italian Freemasonry.
The A.A.S.R reaffirms its good-intentioned and hard-working presence within the Institution it has helped to gain international esteem.
The Scottish Rite is even more committed to its efforts in spreading esoteric Knowledge and the defence of Tradition.
These efforts, now as much as in the past, and even more so in the future, will always strive to serve humanity, the well-being of the brethren and aid their cultural, moral and spiritual development.
The Scottish Rite is keenly awaiting any projects or proposals from the Italian Freemasons at Palazzo Giustiniani, to whom it is pleased to reaffirm its pre-eminent and irreplaceable association
Worshipful Grand Master, as Montesquieu once said, Allow me to do serious things cheerfully and frivolous things seriously. Our ancestors often said 'Nemo nascitur doctor,' and as such, I know that I cannot comment on the way your Teachings are given, but if asked, I would give just one piece of brotherly advice.  A great man, Martin Luther King, exchanged his life on earth, for the causes of freedom and equality for all.  At the beginning of his journey he said, 'I have a dream'.  I also have a dream, Worshipful Master, a dream to re-discover a sense of brotherhood, trust, respect and love within our Institution.
Life cannot exist without order and it is my dream that everyone realises that wars, all wars, have their various limits.  Peace, yes peace between everyone, all of us united together, will help us continue on our journey and gain comfort and strength.
For the good of Humanity and for the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe.

David Cerniglia - Sovrano Gran Commendatore