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The Supreme Council is the highest authority of the Scottish Rite, its supreme and sovereign regulator, and has exclusive powers in the territory of the Italian Jurisdiction. It constitutes the esoteric heritage gathered by the founders of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and ensures that the subordinate Ritual Bodies, whose incorporation it has authorised, loyally follow it. These Ritual Bodies comprise a hierarchical organisation called the Ritual Pyramid.

The Supreme Council is the Ritual Body that consists of Effective Members of the 33° Degree, who are divided into: Active Members, and Emeritus Members.

Active Members, gathered in a Sovereign Convent, discuss the affairs of the Rite.

The Supreme Council has its headquarters in the Zenith of Rome, Valley of the Tiber, under the celestial vault at 41°53’18” Latitude North 2 12°29’12” Longitude East